The menu in English


Garlicbread with italian tomato salsa 66:-

Snails ”Provencale” served with bread 95:-

Assorted Herring with potatoes, flat bread & swedish ripe cheese 109:-

Toast Skagen (shrimps in a mayo based dressing) with whitefish caviar 125:-


6 Nürnberger Bratwürstel (german small sausages) with sauerkraut and bred 110:-

Hungarian goulaschsoup with bread 120:-

Baked goat cheese with deep-fried eggplant 140:-

Cheese & sausage plate 155:-

Caesar salad with halloumi and croutons 140:-

Bookmaker Toast (sirloin beef, egg yolk, mustard and horseradish) 165:-


Homemade hamburger with brie cheese, bacon, dijon mayo, pickled cucumber and country fries 165:-

Schweinshaxe (roasted porkshank) with sauerkraut, knödel and gravy 195:-

Wienerschnitzel (pork) served with french fries, lemon and capers 195:-

ÖK’s Schlachtplatte. Two different sausages, suckling pig loin, sauerkraut and potatoes 205:-

Fish & shellfish caserole with a touch of saffron served with herb aioli and garlic bread 208:-

Skomakarlåda (sirloin beef, bacon and chive) with red wine gravy and mashed potatoes 218:-

Grilled lambsirloinbrochette with fetamousse, vegetableragout and potatogratin 228:-


Two pieces of homemade chocolate 45:-

Vanilla icecreme with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 65:-

Apfelstrudel with vanilla icecreame and cream (contains nuts) 85:-

Crème Brûlée 85:-

Chocolate cake with a sting of cognac, whipped cream and a sauce made of raspberries 90:-

Deep fried camembert with parsley and cloudberries 95:-


Optional accessories: Bearnaise SEK 25, Mixed salad 42 kr

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